Back At It

I’m aware that my posts have been rather short on entertainment value of late.  Lots of talk about my emotional struggles and very few shares about food.  Hey, I’m not particularly funny or entertaining when I’m running on all cylinders, so I can imagine the impact of my posts as I’ve been slumping the last few weeks.  If it’s any consolation, it was also REALLY hard to write those posts.  Sorry about my self indulgence; I’ll see if I can pick things up some and find more interesting stuff to share.  Oops, hope I didn’t over commit on that!

I do feel like there’s something stirring for me.  I’ve been more active physically, pretty productive with work and career matters and enjoying some very nice summer weather.  OK, that’s not much to say, but it’s a start.  Better than dwelling on my losses as I’ve been.  And I will definitely take any progress I can make.  Cheer me on.  Whip me on.  Give me pep talks.  Any help is appreciated.

OK, finally, another food mention.  Honestly, I didn’t feel too much like creating and sharing new dishes during my recent emotional slump.  Sad to say, it just didn’t seem worth the effort.  But I am now back at it.  Last night I pushed myself to come up with something that I found appealing.  You know that I love pasta, so I put together a penne dish with ham, sausage, sweet peas, sun-dried tomatoes and a creamy garlic alfredo sauce that I spiced up very nicely.  It was really good – not too heavy but tons of flavor.  The ham and sausage were very complementary, too. Glad I pushed myself on this one.  I was also smart enough to make some extra sauce with all the ingredients added.  So next time, my pasta of choice is all I need.  Can’t wait.  A picture of the dish is below.  Feast your eyes – and don’t hate me.  Hehe.  Talk soon. Ham Sausage Pea Penne


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