Feeling Reflective

So I’m going to share a new poem with you. Love to hear your thoughts.  Here it is:



I used to think that what I saw

Was an accurate reflection

Of what I gazed upon

My eyes were sharp, undistorted lenses

The resulting picture

Was true, clear and objective

An image I could rely upon

For opinions, attitudes and emotions

It was hard to grasp that others

Might see something quite different

My picture was true, my conclusions fair

Why didn’t everyone see that?

Were their instruments damaged

Or in need of calibration?

Mine, surely, was precise

But life has taught me otherwise

There is more than one consideration

When capturing an image

And what one sees reflects more

That merely what is being viewed

The object of interest

Provides structure, physical data

But what we see and feel

Is far more complex

I now believe that what I see

Is largely a function

Of how I see it

And how I set the scene

My heart, my soul and my mood

Affect the prism of my eye,

Like lighting and aperture change

The look and feel of a photo

I’d like to think

I’m objective and impartial

But I’m just human

An imperfect instrument

In need of constant calibration


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