A Glimpse For You and Me

A new poem I wanted to share with you:


A Glimpse

I was sitting by the ocean

The sky was gray

Clouds thick and unbroken

The sun unseen anywhere

So disappointing

I love how the sun dances on the waves

Making it brighter and multi-faceted

It never fails to lighten my mood

Help I needed that particular day

About to rise, I noticed

A single spot of light

Well out in the distance

A bright horizontal patch

Of dancing waves

With tips of pure light

I reveled in the sight,

But expected it to fade quickly

The clouds would re-form

And the show would be over

Instead it persisted,

Not moving with the canopy

Beautiful, inspiring but also puzzling

Perhaps it was the sun,

Confirming its presence

And making a statement:

Even when there are clouds

There’s always light

You need to be patient

Or know how to find it

You just need to believe

To catch your glimpse


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