Progress – Of A Culinary Nature

Hi, sorry it’s been a while.  Guess I’m struggling to find something notable, profound or funny for you.  Things pretty much status quo.  Except… I haven’t shared any food forays with you and at least on THAT front, I continue to push ahead.  Two culinary masterpieces (not really) to share with you today.  Actually, both are pretty simple and fairly mainstream, but, they feel kind of significant to me.  Here they are:

First, I had a good friend over this past weekend and decided to put a real “adult” meal on the table for him.  I had a couple of beef tenderloins and intended to just grill them up for myself.  But when I brought them out I realized that would be an injustice to these little pearls of protein.  Instead, I made a very tasty marinade (following my practice of just putting in what sounded good), let it soak for 36 hours and then cooked it on my special cast-iron griddle.  Added to it some really tasty cajun andouille sausage, some very special early sweet peas and a salad my friend brought over.  Voila!  It WAS quite adult, but even better, it tasted great.  The steak was tender and very flavorful and everything complemented it perfectly.  A year ago, I doubt I would have taken that one on.  This year, a meal I’m proud of.  The picture is below.

Ok, much more minor in scope, but still kind of special to me, I decided to make myself some curried chicken salad for lunch.  No clue where to start, so I just dove in.  Once again, the curry was, to say the least, a unique combination of spices that I like and hoped would work together.  Add raisins and some sweet crispy apples… and it worked REALLY well.  Honestly, one of the best curried salads I’ve ever had.  And even better because it was mine…..

All in all, a good week for my efforts to be happy in my nutritional self-reliance.  I’m encouraged!  The pictures of the two dishes follow:Curried Chicken Salad

Steak and Sausage


One thought on “Progress – Of A Culinary Nature

  1. Kudos on marinating the meat for 36 hours. I bet that really enhanced the flavor. Sounds really good with the sausage. Makes me miss meat. LOL.


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