Love and All That

I’ve been thinking a bit about the nature of love, so I wrote a new poem for you.  It’s entitled “Love Musings”.  Hope you enjoy it.


“It’s your God-forsaken right to be loved”

–Jason Mraz


Is love a right,

One to which we are all entitled?

Does loneliness equal

Cruel and unusual punishment

For which we should be compensated?

Is God shunning me

Because I am alone?


Or, is being loved a privilege,

A special gift, a glorious gem

That is given, and earned?

Am I simply unfortunate

Or perhaps unworthy

When I stand by myself?


I want to believe the former

Hope that I am due for love

That I need nothing more than patience

To bask again in love’s glow

And have God bless me again


But I’m more of the mind

That love must be earned

With hard work and persistence,

Not to mention fortunate logistics

I see much pain and effort in my future

Before love will grow again,

If indeed it does


Don’t get me wrong, though

I’m still open to the God thing


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