ANGER (A poem)

Not doing much new cooking of note these days, but have returned to writing some poetry.  This one’s not really new, but thought you might want to read it, anyway.  Enjoy…



I don’t want to be angry

Don’t want to be seen that way

Prefer to not pollute

Our beautiful love

By walking away

In anger and bitterness

I try to understand

Why this is happening;

To see from her viewpoint

I reassure myself

That things will work out,

Contrary to my great despair

I attend to mundane chores,

Lay plans for a modest new life,

Anything to stay in motion

I can’t afford to sit and think

I need to be busy

But when things slow down,

My thoughts heat up

I have to acknowledge my anger,

Own my outrage

I’m bitter that this love is over,

Angry that I had no say,

Furious to be treated this way,

Hardest to admit, I’m angry with her

For leaving me and destroying our love

But anger has an alter ego

When it ebbs, heartache takes hold

A great melancholy for a love

That once saved and elevated me

A love I believed in

And committed myself to

For all time

Yes, my anger is real

But it’s not really what I need

Anger would be fine

If it took away this angst,

This great emptiness inside


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