Fading Away

Here’s another poem for you.  Yes, a little grim.  Oh well….


Faded Image

What does she see when she looks at me?

Is the image complete and true

Or does it lack detail and definition?


I imagine it’s like an old photo

Once clear and sharp

Now ravaged by time and neglect,

It has faded,

Losing color and clarity

Past splendor lost, irretrievable


Is this faded picture what she sees?

Does she remember the details

That have been altered over time,

So they are no longer obvious

But are still critical to understanding?

Or does she accept the image as true and complete,

Ignoring important parts,

Missing the context and texture of the picture?


I sense it’s the latter that’s true

Now when I’m with her

I feel incomplete and barely seen

An image, not flesh and blood

Familiar but very old

And badly faded

Hard for her to see

Unworthy of her embrace



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