What Will They Say When I’m Gone?

I’ve been wondering lately if my self image is at all aligned with how others – in particular my loved ones – see me.  Wrote a poem about it I’d like to share with you.  Here it is….


Death has been on my mind of late

My age, mood and circumstances

All seem to point in one direction

Causing me to wonder about my fate

And what happens after

It’s not the hereafter that concerns me

That’s just too big a puzzle;

Completely out of my control

I think instead about those left behind

How they will feel

What they will say

The legacy I will leave

When attending a funeral

I listen carefully to what is said

About the deceased

The impact he had

The feelings she evoked

I’m often amazed by the sentiments expressed

And the emotions that are shown

Inevitably I wonder,

How will I shape up?

Will my loved ones

Speak so glowingly

And feel such loss?

More important,

Will I leave them with memories

That offer comfort and peace?

I once cared how the world perceived me

Was I successful, respected and notable?

But the world won’t speak at my funeral

That will fall to the ones I know and love best

So that has become my measure:

What will my loved ones say,

How have I impacted them?

For my sake and theirs

I pray I leave

A legacy of love and hope

Because that’s how I want it to be

And it’s all that really matters



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