Ashamed To Admit It…

But this is how I have felt throughout much of the personal odyssey I’ve been through over the last year: childlike, as in the poem I share below.  Thanks for reading…


His fears were like those of a child

Vague, ill defined; lacking logic

But pervasive and unshakable,

Preying on his insecurity


A child has a blanket or toy to clutch,

Can call on his family for aid;

Be held by his father,

Reassured by his mother

Maybe distracted by siblings;

Loved ones piercing fear’s veil


But he was no child

A grown man now on his own

Torn from his loved ones

And striking out alone,

Solitary despite his desires


It was new ground,

A landscape he did not know;

A path he could not see,

Reducing his outlook to a state

Of juvenile discomfort

A vast, overwhelming fear

He couldn’t comprehend


But he was no child

To be rescued by loving family,

No childish talisman to hold

His only choice: step forward,

Confront his fears,

Hope they lack substance

Mere apparitions

From childish dreams


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